About Us

Center for Physical therapy and Exercise (CPTE) was founded in 1989 by three college friends who felt they could make a difference in the Nashua community. By combining quality physical therapy skills with advanced fitness skills and add a bit of care and concern, Patsy Wolber, Fred Daniels, and Adam Fishman knew they could help make Nashua a bit healthier and injury free.

Today, CPTE is one of the largest independently owned and operated physical therapy practices in the Nashua/Manchester area. Our four clinics provide the convenience you need and the care you deserve. We offer the latest in physical therapy services, techniques, and equipment. Our reputation is for having highly skilled staff and a friendly and caring atmosphere.

The owners and the staff are part of the community you live in, we are not owned by a large corporation nor are we one department in a large organization. Our focus is on physical therapy and fitness only. Because of this we can hire and retain the best staff and train them fully.

We hope that you will give us an opportunity to help you feel better and give you the tools for good health.