Aquatic Therapy Services

CPTE offers Aquatic Therapy Services in our Nashua, Merrimack, and Manchester clinics. Our Nashua therapy pool is in-house, offering the convenience of aquatic therapy and land therapy in one location. It is a warm-water (96°) pool that is 7 ft deep, providing a therapeutic, non-weight bearing environment. Our Merrimack and Manchester clinics utilize the Country Inn and Suites in Bedford, NH. Our therapy and exercise staff is trained in a number of aquatic therapy techniques and protocols to ensure a positive outcome for our patients with Therapeutic and Conditioning needs.

Aquatic therapy is an excellent therapeutic modality that helps

  • Relieve pain
    Relax spasms
    Relax joints
    Improve range-of-motion
    Allows you to work the appropriate muscles with minimal stress on the joints.

Aquatic therapy is often successful in helping people with:

  • Back pain
    Joint injuries or pain
    Muscle spasms
    Post-surgical joint rehab
    Arthritis & fibromyalgia
    Muscle & joint tightness