Sports Injury Rehabilitation

CPTE offers a number of care choices related to sports injury care. We offer rehab expertise and injury care programs at area high schools and sporting events, plus a Free Injury Assessment so you can better understand what is wrong and how to take care of it.

CPTE employs a number of staff with sports injury and conditioning expertise including:

  • Physical therapists with sports rehab training including athletic training certifications.

    Certified athletic trainers (ATCs) that work both in the clinics and at area high schools.

    Certified exercise specialists and conditioning coaches.

So, whether you are a high school athlete, a youth sports enthusiast, or a weekend warrior, we can help you get better fast and get you back on the playing field or back to your athletic activity.

Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs)

Athletic Trainers are state licensed professionals with master or bachelor level college degrees. They are skilled in the area of acute injury care, recognition, and management. Athletic trainers are trained in the latest rehabilitation techniques geared towards healthy and active individuals, particularly athletes. At CPTE the Athletic Trainers are members of the rehab team and participate fully in the therapy process. Our ATC’s are often the first responder for an injured athlete during a sporting event or practice.

At the high schools, the ATC’s are responsible for the care, prevention, and management of all injuries. The Athletic Trainers communicate directly with the Physical Therapists to maximize the quality of rehab and rate of recovery of the injured athletes. The Athletic Trainers’ skill and experience in evaluating and treating athletic injuries is an outstanding resource for CPTE.

For more info on the Free Injury Assessment service, click here.