Patient Testimonials

  • “My time at CPTE was more than a good experience… it was actually enjoyable. I never had any doubt that my therapy would be successful. I felt comfortable doing and passing on exercises, and talking to the therapists about my concerns and achievements. I am so glad that I had my recovery experience at CPTE and thank you so much! I also never had any trouble making or rearranging appointments thanks to the staff.”

    Tessa M.

  • “My PT experience was exceptional! The level of knowledge and care shown by my therapist was outstanding. I have been to other physical therapists in the past… my therapist is truly the best. She listens to her patients, and takes extra measures to assure a positive outcome. I will highly recommend CPTE to family/friends. Thanks so much!”

    Jean Z.

  • “My name is Tom Sampson and I started coming here four-five weeks ago and I can honestly tell you I finally feel good after two years of being in lots of pain. The staff here asks all the time how I am feeling and works as a team with me on the right back to getting better. This staff actually cares about it patients. I would highly recommend CPTE to anyone who is serious about getting and feeling better.”

    Tom S.

  • “It has been a GREAT experience! I looked forward to my sessions. The staff have been great. The atmosphere is one of fun and friendly experience. My therapist has gotten my shoulder to where I can use it without much pain.”

    Bryan B.

  • “I want to thank the entire staff for the care and concern they provided in order to ensure that my therapy treatment would be as successful as possible. I also want to thank the gals at the front desk for making appointment scheduling a pleasant experience. I also want to thank them for putting on such pretty smiles as each patient walks in and out the door. I would certainly recommend CPTE as the place to go for therapy.”

    No Name

  • “The service at CPTE is excellent. It is remarkable how fast they get me back on the ice being a hockey player. The reason this is my fourth time back is because I feel very comfortable at their facilities. I hope I don’t have to keep coming back because of injuries, but if I get injured again, you’ll be seeing me at CPTE.”

    Tyler E.