Free Injury Assessment

CPTE’s Free Assessments are for those who have had a recent physical injury or concern, and need a rapid assessment with a recommendation on what to do or where to go next.

Call any CPTE clinic and schedule a 30 minute assessment from a Physical Therapist or Certified Athletic Trainer. They will asses your concern and recommend the best action to take. If seeing a physician is recommended, the PT can recommend one to you. If physical therapy is recommended, they can help you get a referral and schedule you for a full evaluation. If you can take care of it yourself, they will educate you on how to treat the problem. It’s easy and quick, so don’t let those aches slow you down.

The Free Assessment is a service to the community and our way of saying “stop in and we’ll take a look at it”.

Who Needs An Assessment

If you have an concern and you…

  • Are not sure what to do next
  • Are not sure how serious the injury is
  • Do not want to wait to see a primary care doctor or go the emergency room
  • Do not want to make the problem worse by doing the wrong thing
  • Do want to be seen by musclo-skeletal experts with sport medicine expertise
  • Do want to start treating the problem right away


…Then consider our Free Assessment. It is…

  • A rapid response – We will see you soon after you call, often the same day
  • Convenient – No long waits, a choice of four facilities, easy parking, liberal hours
  • Experts – You will be seen by injury experts, not by a generalist
  • A plan – You will be given a plan for what to do next
  • Easy – The assessment is free, no insurance issues, no doctors referrals required
  • Peace of mind – You will be taking care of the problem, not wondering what to do

How It Works

  • Get an appointment: Call CPTE during regular business hours for an appointment. The appointment will be within 24 hours of the call and often the same day if needed.
  • The assessment: You will be seen by a licensed Physical Therapist or Certified Athletic Trainer who will perform a thorough assessment. Depending on the type and severity of the problem, the Therapist will recommend one of the following next steps, or a combination:
    • Home plan – Some problems just require a little TLC at home. The Therapist will give you a specific plan for further home treatment.
    • Further Physical Therapy – Some injuries will only require further PT. The therapist will briefly treat the injury and set-up an appointment for further PT. In NH many insurance carriers do not require a doctor’s referrals for PT, however the insurance experts at CPTE will determine if a referral is needed and will answer any other insurance questions.
    • A doctor’s visit – The problem may be serious enough to require a doctor’s visit, or a doctor visit may be required for a PT referral. We are in touch with most local doctors and specialists and can make recommendations based on the type of injury. We may also be able get an appointment faster than you can on you own.
    • Go to the emergency room – If your concern requires immediate attention we will recommend that you go immediately to the emergency room.
  • Typical injuries that will benefit from an assessment: Twisted ankle at a softball game, sore knee from tennis, strained back from shoveling snow, sore shoulder from golfing, hurt back lifting grandchildren, soccer injury, wrist aching for a month, elbow suddenly swollen, neck pain after slipping on ice, hit a pot hole while running, hurt back getting out of car, shoulder issue from painting.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the assessment take?  Normally abut 30 minutes.

Will the Physical Therapist treat the injury during this session?  The primary goal is to assess the injury and recommend a plan of action. Nonetheless, the therapist is likely to provide some level of treatment in order to start the healing process and to relieve pain.

Why is it free?  CPTE realized that many people have injuries and let them go because they are not sure if the injury is serious enough to take the time to see a doctor or visit the emergency room. Many eventually became patients and the lag time worsened the injury or slowed the recovery. The service is really a neighborly “stop in and we will take a look at it” to help give you peace of mind. We make it Free to remove the barriers so you can quickly and easily get the help you need.

How will the therapist interact with my doctors?  Close interaction with your doctor is often key. Even if the doctor does not need to be seen the therapist will still send a note to your doctor regarding your assessment if you so choose.

Does the injury have to be a new injury?  The purpose of the service is to provide rapid response to a new injury, answer your questions and give you a course of action for lingering injuries. All injuries are welcome.

Is the service offered at all of the CPTE facilities?  Yes, it is offered at all the four CPTE facilitates